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Dahvie vanity is the new accused case of sexual harassment

The story of sexual harassment against Dahvie vanity starts in 2006 when the victims as young as 13 years old have said about the incident faced by them. Recently in 2018 in MetalSucks exposed the detailed account of several women who have told about the harassment. Most of the women used a false name to secret their identity.their are also news that the content of the videos of the star is awful and cannot play in their apps. So, according to Spotify, they have deleted the music and stop uploading the content.

Most of the cases of sexual harassment are in the vanity van of Dahvie vanity, according to the article of Huffington. It led to the closure of stores on the big cartel of the Blood on the Dance floor program. It caused the organizers a significant amount of loss. It is supposed that around 16 to 21 numbers of women have said about the story they face. HuffPost published the story of the an interview of approximately 40 minutes, the star has said that this is a false case against him. He is in charge of assaulting teenage girls.

Many investigators are engaged in the circumstances. It is a shameful activity for the music and dance industry. All the stars are a victim of drug addicts.this is leading to the practice of sexual  Many press center in the center has said that Dahvie Vanity is under their radar. The cases were upfront when the Blood on the dance floor was going on. And women reported instances of sexual harassment. Many of them were underage. The sexual harassment case is susceptible. Me too moment had gained momentum across the globe a few years back. The entertainment industry is thinking of boycotting him.

The cases against Dahvie vanity are severe. He accused of forcing women to do oral sex. He forced girls and women of all ages to come to his pride and perform according to his wish. If anyone denied him, he would leave them to bleed. It is so torturous that that mouth of women would bleed. If any women resisted, he would rape them or molest them.this has led to the defying of the performer. Most of his songs are out of the music apps now. This activity is to condemn across all over the world. Many YouTube channel has also interviewed about the incidents.

 The police and activist are in the pressure of the ongoing crime. The investigator now told that he would be present the vanity van himself. He will look after all the processes in the vanity van in the presence of Dahvie vanity. In a video, he said that he confirms the seriousness of the case. Dahvie vanity was also welcome to an interview where the interviewer took a dig at the allegation against him. He said this is a sensitive case, and we will have to look deeper into the matter. It is a matter of concern that needs society intervention.

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