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Coronavirus knocks the door of Indiana elementary schools, several students got infected

A student from Hickory Elementary school in Avon, Indiana tested positive for novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19 Sunday night. Avon is in Hendricks County about five miles west of Indianapolis just west of Indianapolis. The entire Avon Community School Corporation has an e-learning day Monday, where students stay home and get school assignments online to restrain the spread of the virus.

Over the weekend, the Indiana State Department of Health announced Indiana’s first confirmed novel coronavirus case was announced that One adult, who lives in Hendricks County, went in a meeting for Biogen Inc. last month in Boston and developed mild cold-like symptoms days later One adult, who lives in Hendricks County, attended a meeting in Boston for Biogen Inc. last month and “developed mild flu-like symptoms” days later, the person is quarantined and not being hospitalized. State officials said several COVID-19 cases have been tied to the Boston meeting, including a Marion County resident identified Friday as positive too, according to the Indiana State Department of Health, there might be some possibility that the School student got infected from one of these persons.

Dr. Kris Box, State Health Commissioner said in a statement that with the increasing number of novel coronavirus cases in the United States and the fact that, this new case isn’t shocking, but we know it causes distress in the society,” Similarly, 3 students studying at Bnos Yisroel Primary School in Baltimore were sent home early on Wednesday after officials were made aware that there has been indirect contact between those students and someone who tested positive for coronavirus in New York.

Noblesville School, meanwhile, released a statement that a parent has been directed to self-quarantine after attending an out-of-state occasion where someone else tested positive for the novel coronavirus but schools in that district will stay open. The Hendricks County Health Department notified Avon Schools late Sunday that a student has been tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The Avon Community School Corporation’s website released a statement; On Sunday, March 8th at 10:25 p.m. Avon Community School Corporation was informed by the Hendricks County Health Department that a student from Hickory Elementary School has tested positive for Coronavirus late Sunday. Due to patient confidentiality, the law directs us to keep student medical information confidential. The Health Department received the positive test result late Sunday evening and shared it with us immediately. Because this info just became available, we believe it is sensible to exercise our option to have an e-Learning on Monday, March 9th for the entire school district. Even though it is not required, the State Health Commissioner and Hendricks County Health Department have urged that Elementary School should remain closed for two weeks through Friday, March 20th. We intend to provide our students with enduring learning experiences, which may include e-learning. Our students and staff will return on Monday, April 6th, following Spring Break. We are thankful to the Indiana Department of Health, the Hendricks County Health Department and the Indiana Department of Education for their guidance and collaboration. You can ask questions related to coronavirus at Hendricks County Health Department Number 317-745-9222.

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