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Bangkok and Thailand Tourism suffer from the effect of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a virus that originated in the mainland of China. The province of the Wuhan fish market is the origin point of the infection. It is a respiratory inflammable syndrome disease. The primary victim is those people with weak immunity. In this category, old age people and newborn children are mostly affected. The virus has spread from mainland China to various countries of the globe. Among them, Thailand has been a hard hit. Tourism has seen a low dip since the inception of the virus. Bangkok hotel is closed, flights to Thailand are also canceling.

About 10 million people from mainland Chuka were expected in Thailand this summer. Hotels booked, and the process had started. Siam Bangkok is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world. But the virus has made this place a desert. The main area of bus stand where once crowd would cheer up for its fantastic service is today laying idle. The burning sun and the empty bus reflect the hard-hit tourist business of Thailand. The significant tourist visit is from China. But the havoc of corona has canceled all the prospects. The declaration of the World Health Organization as a global emergency of spread by the virus has created difficulty.

The island heavily depends on tourist revenue. The government is expecting a gross revenue deficit. Moreover, the health emergency has led to more capital expenditure on its part. The main tourist sites in Bangkok are Resort m MRT Huai Kwang Bangkok, Thailand, beaches shopping malls. The famous city of Pattaya, which is a Thai tourist site, seems deserted. People who survive here from tourism are struggling for income. The small shops and petty business market is close for weeks. The global order is facing the same crisis with most of import and export from mainland China has been stopped. Production units are close people are unemployed. The government is taking preventive steps to reduce the spread of the deadly virus. Flights to Bangkok Thailand is cancel

A recent interview by news channels in the streets of Bangkok revealed that the situation of tourists is terrible. Most of the flights canceled. The manager working in business units said people have no work and are sitting idle. All kinds of major transportation are suffering. The tourist left are panicking. The local people are packing their bags and leaving the town amid fear of virus spread. Most of the people unemployed are now thinking of going back to farming to earn income. Nobody is hopeful about the economic condition of the hotels in Thailand and Bangkok. Most of the migrant labor working in hotels and cities started leaving the country. The growth rate seems to reduce as much as 2% low. It is forecast by economists worldwide.

The spread of the virus is triggering fear among people. Major world events canceled. The ice-cream seller, the siam hotel Bangkok waitress, the street vendors all are worried about their future. As Bangkok tourism is the only revenue source. It isn’t effortless for the government to create parallel employment facilities. There is a proposal for grants and aids by the developed countries and commercial organizations. In Thailand itself, there are 50 cases of the virus that hit people, and one is dead. Preventive measures are propelled by governments to secure their citizens.

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